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We're planning to release GitHub authentication for MDN soon. We intend GitHub authentication to help users create MDN accounts for the first time. Please help us beta test this new account creation process on our staging server:

Most people don't have accounts on that site, so you'll be testing the "Sign up with GitHub" scenario. NOTE: these staging accounts will not affect your production accounts at all, and we will clean up the staging accounts after a few weeks.

Please pay special attention to the UX. There are some known issues under our master tracking bug. Please file any new issues as blockers to that same tracking bug.

We'd especially like to find bugs of edge cases before we ship. (E.g., you never verified your GitHub email, you have multiple GitHub emails, etc.)

We will triage the beta bugs Friday, Sep 5, so please help us test by then.

When we fix all beta blockers, we will roll the feature out to the live site!