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Social Features

What do we mean by social features?

  • Messaging within the site
  • Sharing of MDN pages to external social sites (FB, Twitter, Reddit, etc.)
  • Affinity groups (by language, technology, etc.)
  • Group pages (what a group is working on)
  • IRC integration
  • Discussion forums?

What problem are we trying to solve? (why are we doing this)

  • Lack of support for collaboration and community within the site.

Who are we trying to solve this problem for? (target persona)

  • Primary: Contributors to MDN
  • Secondary/later:
    • Readers/users of MDN
    • Members of the MDP?

How do we measure success? (what is the outcome we are hoping for)

  • Percentage of MDN members using the features
  • Rate of use of features (messages, shares, etc.)
  • Increase in contributions by those using social features
  • Increase of quality of contributions by those using social features