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This sprint will have an in-person component, as well as a virtual component.


  • Start: 6 June 2011, 13:00 UTC / 9:00 am US Eastern / 6:00 am US Pacific
  • End: 8 June 2011, 20:00 UTC / 4:00 pm US Eastern / 1:00 pm US Pacific

You are welcome to start earlier or continue later, but this time frame is when you are likely to find other people online working on MDN. Obviously, you do not have to participate the entire time; drop in when it's convenient, and sleep when you need to.


NOTE: Sponsorship is available for community volunteers to travel to and stay in Cincinnati. Contact (jswisher at mozilla dot com) if you are a volunteer and want to join us in person.


See our Etherpad for notes about who is doing or has done what.

Some places to get ideas of things to write about:

Suggest a topic, either that you want to work on, or that you'd like to see done by someone.


If you're planning to participate, please add your name, IRC nickname and/or MDN user name, and what you'd like to work on, below (you need to create an account on this (spam-free) wiki in order to edit it). Consider collaborating with someone else on related topics!

Name IRC nick MDN ID Topic(s)
Janet Swisher jms jswisher CSS tutorial part 2
Tom Schuster (in-person) evilpie evilpie
  • JavaScript
  • "We might investigate the possibility of a Deki script that can look in hg logs for last change dates for interfaces, but... I don't know how much effort is worth putting into that."
Florian Scholz Elchi3 Elchi3
  • Finishing the HTML reference (bug 547448)
  • Browser compat tables, HTML/CSS reference cleanup (browser agnosticism)
  • ... (maybe some MathML leftovers or SVG stuff, I'll see what time permits)
Trevor Hobson trevorh trevorh
  • Interfaces
Daniel Lopretto timemachine3030 timemachine3030
  • HTML
  • Javascript / DOM examples
  • General Best Practices
Manuel Strehl boldewyn Manuel Strehl
  • SVG tutorial
  • SVG reference
  • HTTP headers, if there's time left
Anastasia Cheetham anastasiac anastasia

More updating and migrating information on accessibility and ARIA from the CodeTalks wiki to MDN

Colin Clark colinclark colinbdclark
  • Accessibility tutorials, sample code, and examples
  • Audio Data API tutorial
Kevin Lim grendel grendel
  • Browser compatibility tables

Tips for travelers

For attendees coming from outside the US:

  • If you are bringing a mobile phone, make sure you have a SIM card and billing plan that works for the US.
  • The US (along with a few under-developed countries in Africa) still uses magnetic-stripes rather than RFID chips for credit cards. Check with your bank to see if your credit card will work in the US. Alternatively, you can use a (magnetic-stripe) ATM card to get US dollars as you need them. Be aware that US banks usually add a small fee ($1-$3) to ATM transactions.
  • We will provide "universal" power strips during the sprint. But you'll need a plug adapter and step-down power converter to plug in your laptop or other devices elsewhere.