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Hack on MDN

Hack on MDN are a set of events where MDN contributors (staff, partners, and volunteers) meet for a few days in the same location. The goal is to work on specific topics to make significant progress, which may result in documentation, site improvements, tools, prototypes, etc.

Hack on MDN are hackathons, that is events where people produce some kind of concrete output. These are no meetings events, meaning that meetings purely for discussion are not allowed. Each activity must have tangible results, and participants are expected to present their work, in groups, in a show-and-tell at the end of the event.

Hack on MDN are by-invitation events, and each event has a specific topic.

Next events

Plans are not solid for upcoming events, but we are working on plans for another event focused on accessibility, and one focused on web performance, in the first half of 2019. This page will be updated as plans develop.

Future events

The current plan is hold a Hack on MDN every six months, in March and September, as those are quarters when Mozilla does not hold an All-Hands meeting. The tentative theme for March 2019 is website performance.

Past events

The first two Hack on MDN events did not have specific themes; projects were proposed by attendees. In 2018, we shifted to the strategy of choosing a topical focus for each event.

And in previous years, we organized Doc Sprints, similar to Hack on MDN, but focused only on producing documentation.