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Hacks Calendar

Ideas for Articles & Demos

Updates Schedule


  • FormData: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=546528
  • WOFF in the (almost) real world - Steven Garrity / reviewer:J. Daggett/J.Kew?
  • CSP - late Feb/early March - Sid Stamm
  • list of fx 3.6 features: this one can be a standalone article, or the start of the HTML 5 article series. Let's figure it out.
  • HTML 5, standards work (who/what/why), link to HTML5 mdc page
  • Mobile
  • Hackability
  • From survey: (could be hacks blog or newsletter post)
    • How to get involved w/ Mozilla if you're a web developer
    • Firefox development process, how to give input/feedback
    • Behind the scenes of Firefox: ongoing performance and stability work
    • How to work w/ multiple profiles
    • Developer Tools series (kickoff w/ survey results)
  • Firefox.next:
    • CSS Transitions
    • WebSockets
    • WebGL (w/ planetGL)?

Twitter Queue

  • We will try to keep track of tweets here.

Guest bloggers

Nominate potential guest bloggers we should reach out to for hacks articles.

  • Cloudkick - real-time server visualization with canvas and processing.js: http://mzl.la/9cmypi (published 4/27/10)

Previous posts

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