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Round 1: (12/28 - 12/31)

Jay's Todo List

WebQA Test Results (12/28)

New Bugs 12/29

  • Nit-pick: Period should be outside the double quotes in "no results found" user message.Screenshot: [FIXED]
  • WordPress error on clicking submit without entering anything in the comment field- .In case any user encounters this error,there is no link to go back to home page.
    • we may add some JS validation, but not a blocker (1/4)
  • Tagging Broken in IE 7
    • The tags are fine... but we lose the rounded corners and the line-break isn't there... so we don't fail as gracefully as we probably could for IE users.
    • ccook: Any better way to implement this or not worth the trouble?
    • decided this was not worth the extra effort, it fails gracefully enough. [WFM]
  • Tags that wrap to second line still touch the first line (need at least some space between lines): [FIXED?]
  • Big demo thumbnails don't show entire image: (the smaller thumbnails are resized properly, but the big ones appear centered and cropped)
    • asked ccook if we can avoid the crop and just resize like the smaller thumbnails (1/4)
  • Tags with multiple words should not line-wrap: ("Featured Demo" in second article should not be wrapped) [FIXED]
  • Featured Demo thumbnails aren't displaying on home page for 2nd and 3rd demos: (1st is fine, but not sure why the others are not there... maybe a server-side cache issue?)
    • [WFM] This must have been a caching issue, since all 3 are showing up now on 12/30.
  • Recaptcha Error
    • need to add stage url to recaptcha key or retest on production server.
  • Demo page does not have edit link: (it should be right next to or below the title of the post, but it's not)
    • user error, edit link is there [WFM]

Final Round 1/4 - 1/5