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An informal test of Kuma to try out the basics. Right now, we have two separate servers that are used for two different purposes. One is a sandbox where you can test creating and editing pages, but is missing much of the MDN content.

The second is our production migration server, where we are actively pulling content from the existing MDN servers. This site is ONLY for browsing (it will be our production server when we go live, so please be aware that changes made here will be there when we go live. So don't do it. Please). Use this site to check that content is migrating as it should - all the pages are there, they display correctly, and attachments, code samples and images are correct. This is a good place to go if you want to help us ensure MDN is ready for migration but don't want to write or edit pages.

As a note, the software is nowhere near ready to deploy yet, so don't expect perfection! However, we do want you to file bugs on any problems you do encounter with the existing functionality.


The test weekend will be from Friday, 8 June through Sunday, 10 June.


  • Join #mdn on irc

Content Review (no editing, just testing completeness)

Basic editing test

  • Use
  • to login, enter your MDN username in the "New Account" field (we have not ported user information to the test server)
  • You will notice that there is basically no content here. Create pages & sub pages, add files, images & code samples. Test the formatting. See what you can do to break the editor.


  • Try creating some pages. Does it work? Is the interface and experience understandable and easy?
  • Try editing the pages you created. Does it work?
  • Browse the site, see what you think.
  • File bugs! Please set bug version to "kuma" and if possible enter "testday" in the whiteboard field so we can more easily monitor & track the bugs found over the test weekend.
  • List of open kuma bugs in Bugzilla


  • We're not trying to stress-test the site at this time. This is a very informal test just to get feedback on the basic functionality of the site.
  • We're not testing scripts/templates yet. Although some support is there, it's still under heavy development.