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Launch Update

Kuma launched August 3, 2012. This page is now an archive of the pre-launch process


"Kuma" is a project to redevelop the MDN website. We will leverage the Kitsune codebase that the new SUMO is built on and plan to customize it to fit our needs. The Kitsune knowledge base (KB) will replace the current Deki wiki, and we will be integrating the Kitsune support forums and discussion forums as needed. Kuma will also benefit from Kitsune l10n, administration, and social interaction features.


  • Improve the MDN experience for developers, demo authors, and documentation contributors.
    • Make it easier for planning, writing, and maintaining docs
    • Make it discoverable to help developers find what they need
    • Make it faster and more stable for visitors and contributors
    • Make it extensible to allow rapid development of new features
  • Create a more robust system for l10n contributors
    • Better tracking and diffs so they know when en-US authors create new docs, update existing docs, or do anything for en-US
    • Dashboard for l10n progress and monitoring so locales can better manage their work


We plan to develop the initial functionality and test internally through a series of MDN 1.x releases, and will launch Kuma officially as MDN 2.0 in July 2012.

Roadmap & Milestones

   8-30 June - testing (formal and informal)
   7-8 July - bug hunt with Mozilla QA
   10 July - deki shut off for updates (browse only) - final content migration, link to kuma "beta" for browsing
   10-15 July - writing/editing on kuma, continue testing, verify bug fixes
   16 July - cutover 

See the MDN Milestones page for a detailed roadmap and release schedule.


We are ramping up testing as we approach the launch of Kuma!


Submitting bugs



  • UserVoice: Feedback on the current MDN website.
  • Localization: We need to review and see what is possible based on the requests of localizers around the world.
  • Kuma related requirements/notes
  • Other stuff
    • MDN programs and projects - home for everything related to the Mozilla Developer Network
    • MDN requirements - initial set of features and functionality we need for a good developer and documentation experience on MDN (more stuff will be added over time and a final PRD will be drafted soon)
    • Kitsune roadmap and requirements - home for everything related to the next version of SUMO
    • Overlap doc - early draft of the features that are shared between SUMO and MDN (more details will be added and unique features/tweaks for each application will be noted)



A draft of the MDN 1.0 PRD lists most of the features that are needed to start the migration away from Deki. The document includes a list of features and their priorities.

Kitsune and overlap with SUMO

The documents below outline requirement overlap in SUMO and the MDN. We will collaborate with the SUMO development team to understand what is available in the Kitsune codebase and work through our requirements to build a solid foundation for the MDN website based on the Django framework.



The Kuma team will be using Scrum to manage development. Please see the Scrum page and Scrum Guide for more information about the framework.

The team decided that it would be easiest to manage Scrum user stories with Bugzilla, and has written a guide for doing so.

Comprehensive Feature Request List

A comprehensive list of features that have been requested on MDN is provided below. Each feature has its own Wiki page that provides more detail and, in some cases, specific tasks that must be completed.

This list is a compilation and formalization of existing feature lists (including the feature EtherPad, the MDN 1.0 PRD, and the MDN / SUMO Shared Components PRD), and as such is fairly comprehensive.

Component Feature Rank Release Notes
Wiki Editing P1 July 2012
Wiki Templates P2 July 2012
Wiki Editorial tools P3 July 2012 some features
Wiki Code embedding P3 July 2012
Wiki Commenting P4 TBD
Wiki File attachments P2 July 2012
Wiki Print and export P4 TBD
Search Category filter P2 TBD
Search Localization filter P3 TBD
Search External search results P5 TBD
Search Improved search relevancy P3 TBD some features available in July
Search Tag filter P3 TBD
Localization Change tracking for en-US July 2012
Localization Localization request queue July 2012 some features pushed to post-launch
Localization Localization dashboard P3 TBD
Localization Metrics by language P3 TBD
Localization Localized tags and categories P3 TBD
Localization Phrase translation service P4 TBD
Localization Maintain association between localizations P1 July 2012
Content Management Delete and restore July 2012 Restore function post-launch
Content Management Compare two versions of a page P2 July 2012
Content Management Mark pages, subtrees, etc. as read-only P3 TBD
Content Management Metrics for doc activity P1 July 2012
Content Management Queries and batch processing of docs P2 TBD some features in July 2012
Content Management Endorse or bump articles P4 TBD
Engagement "Tweet this" button P4 TBD
Engagement Rating system P4 TBD
Engagement Article promotion widgets P3 TBD
Site Admin Tag management P2 TBD some features in July
Site Admin No tags for talk or user pages P3 TBD
Site Admin RSS feeds P2 July 2012 only for edits in first release
Site Admin User management P1 July 2012
Site Admin Site-wide announcements P2 July 2012
Site Admin Easily customize CSS P2 TBD
Site Admin Logs in the admin panel P2 July 2012
Site Admin HTTP browsing P3 TBD
Users User authentication P1 July 2012
Users User profile P3 TBD
Users User metrics P2 TBD
Users User dashboard P3 TBD
Demos Demo tags TBD
Demos Demo sharing TBD
Demos Demo JSFiddle integration TBD
Migration Content cleanup July 2012
Migration URL namespaces July 2012
Migration Redirects July 2012
API Allow apps to access docs TBD
API Mark selection as definition TBD

Kuma User's resources