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In this meeting, the MDN and Webmaker teams charted a path for collaboration between teams and communities to help deliver learning content that bridges the gap between content & tools on MDN and Webmaker. The outcome of the meeting provides a structure for people to create awesome curriculum and content for learning web development.

Meetup Details


Alignment on how we can collaborate on new MDN learning curricula & content. Get agreement on process & next steps.

  • Understand each others goals, roadmaps, and strategy
  • How are we going to work together
  • Define content & curriculum
  • Define what needs to be done to build the Learning Area (content production + tools)
  • Next steps


MDN: Ali, Jeremie, Janet, Thierry Régagnon Webmaker: Laura, Michelle, Kat

Working Docs & Resources


What is Required for Launching the Learning Area

"Minimum Viable Product" - the base content and features required for the new Learning Area to be meaningful for learners.

MVP content "Textbook" for Web Literacy Skills including links out to active learning pieces (e.g. "makes") from Webmaker or around the web) (mid June - Sept)

1. Web Mechanics skills

  • Define what do you want to do/say
  • How the Internet works
  • 1 page ≠ 1 site ≠ server ≠ Google
  • Glossary of terms

2. Infrastructure skills (mid July)

  • What is a web server
  • What is a link
  • What is a URL
  • Basic URL structure
  • What is a domain name and do I need one?

3. Coding/scripting skills (end of July)

  • Anatomy of a web page
  • A Web site is more that design
  • What software do I need
  • How much does it cost (do I need to pay anything)
  • Install an editor
  • Set up a text editor and browser
  • Open a file in a browser
  • Write a simple page in HTML
  • HTML tags & how to use
  • Upload a site to a web server
  • Checking your new site
  • Do people need anything to see my site?

4. Design and Accessibility skills (mid August)

  • What is a11y
  • How to code for all types of users
  • Basic text styling in CSS
  • Common pitfalls to avoid in design
  • CSS
  • Block vs. inline
  • Understand the bloody box model
  • Learn about the DOM & the purpose of HTML, CSS & JS
  • CSS Properties
  • Adding media
  • Adding images and video
  • Can I use any image on my web site (IP)
  • Basic UX

5. Composing for the Web skills (end of August)

  • Create a navigation menu
  • What is a dev tool
  • Live editing
  • Testing on other devices
  • Cross browser support
  • Cross-device support
  • Creating sites that run well on mobile

Proposed Learning Page Structure

"Skill textbook" pages will include:

  • Title
  • One-liner
  • Summary (including why does this matter)
  • You need to know: (Required Knowledge)
  • What you'll learn
  • Embedded Active Learning (projects, tutorials, something to do)
    • Write use cases, particularly around user experience
    • Clear set of requirements for a coherent, embedded experience
    • Examples: School of WebCraft, CodeAcademy, mentored learning
  • Deeper Dive
    • How do you use it
    • Full fledged possibilities
    • Syntax/Usage
    • Further Resources (link to full ref)

Preliminary Roadmap

Things the Webmaker team will lead/deliver:

  • WebLitMapper preparation
  • MDN wants to pull weblitmapper resources into MDN
  • File a bug: add tag for skill level (filed)
  • WebMaker explore pages reference MDN learning content (Q4 after soft launch??)
  • make a MDN template for code sample OERs and tutorials ++
  • MDN + Webmaker Training (live event tail end of Mozcamp EMEA September)

Things the MDN team will deliver:

  • MDN Learning Zone (MVP delivered by mid October)
  • Landing Page (Mid June)
  • Glossary & FAQ (as is) (Mid June)
  • "Textbook" for Web Literacy Skills including links out to active learning pieces (e.g. "makes") from Webmaker or around the web) (mid June - Sept)
  • Web Mechanics skills (end of June)
  • Infrastructure skills (mid July)
  • Coding/scripting skills (end of July)
  • Design and Accessibility skills (mid August)
  • Composing for the Web skills (end of August)

Next Steps (Longer Term)

  • Pathways: MDN is interested in the Discovery work and will be launching the MVP Learning Zone with at least the "How to build your own website" pathway
  • Need to discuss potentially co-creating the Discovery project and skill level badges
  • Development roadmap for thimble / WM tools and MDN needs (TBD)
  • Active Learning = Code samples (in Learning area as well as in current Open Web documentation)
    • needs use cases
      • Activities are self-directed
      • Activities can be tailored to more advanced users
      • Activities are step-by-step (e.g. Tutorials/Resources, or Activities, Teaching Kits are created around these)
      • Activities are MDN-branded
      • Needs to be embeddable
      • Element level references, very granular
      • Can copy/paste the code and it works
      • Interactive, "live samples"
    • MVP begins evolution into "in context" code samples

Cross-Community Communication & Events

  • Cross communication Channels (outside of mailing list & IRC)
    • get both communities into Discourse and see what happens.
  • MDN + Webmaker Trainings:
    • Model: 50%devs, 50% educators in project based trainings that also serve as content sprints.
    • Educators learn technology, Devs learn pedagogy in order to make edu content
  • Mozfest East Africa July 17
    • Alpha test the "skills textbook" stuff that's done and run a codesign with the african community to flesh out more content for the learning zone.
  • Mozcamp EMEA September
    • Adding on a post MozCamp Webmaker & MDN Training for 20 contributors (50% Webmaker Community, 50% MDN)
  • Mozfest London October
    • Launch, celebrate & build momentum around Wbmk & MDN
    • Dev Rel at Mozfest participation
    • Build, testing, training around MDN Learning Zone
    • Developer focused sessions, specific buckets (e.g. WebRTC)
    • App conception and ideation, design jam, crash my apps (User Testing) ++
  • Other Joint Events: TBD need to have a strategy for other types of events (e.g. AppDays, Maker Parties, etc)