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The MDN community meeting takes place in the #mdn channel on at:


Since lots of people lurk in #mdn, if you're actively attending the meeting please speak up and introduce yourself.

  • Attending: sheppy, jswisher, fscholz, Sphinx, eduardoboucas, linajennette, Sebo, dvincent

Help wanted

Please share documentation bugs that need work, or other things where you need short-term help.


Is there anything keeping you from making progress?

What are you working on?

Please share recent accomplishments, and goals you have for the next few weeks.

  • (wbamberg) Has been furiously documenting WebExtensions, since they'll be a big deal for Firefox 48. He's now on PTO, so chrismills and sheppy and others will try to finish it up.
  • (sheppy) Finished the reference pages for the core of RTCPeerConnection and for RTCDataChannel.
  • (sheppy) Finishing up Firefox 49 reference updates, then moving on to help with WebExtensions docs for Firefox 49.
  • (sheppy) Also working gradually on a first draft of a standardized API overview page per past discussions.
  • (teoli, fscholz) Working on building out our new and vastly improved HTTP documentation!
  • (sebo) Updating -webkit prefixed items for Firefox 49 and earlier
  • (sebo) Updating CSS pseudo-element pages to define their formal syntax (via 'csssyntax' macro)
  • (sebo) Update specification list, 'SpecName' and 'spec2' to make draft link and status consistent
  • (sebo) Merge combinations of <percentage> with other types in 'CSSData'





Anything else we need to discuss synchronously?

  • Who will moderate the next meeting?