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This page is for the design and organization of information related to the New Card system for the MailNews:Address_Book.

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Related Systems

MS Office Outlook 2007

  • 2 Major Tabs
    • General
    • Details
  • 3 Minor Tabs
    • Activities
    • Certificates
    • All Fields
  • Dialog Size: 1260 x 920
  • Helper Dialogs (appear during info entry)
    • Address Check tries to make address entries properly formatted
    • Phone dialing information
Example Editor Filled In
All Fields
Check Address Dialog
Phone Location Information Dialog

Evolution (2.12.3)

  • 3 Tabs
    • Contact
    • Personal Information
    • Mailing Address
  • Dialog Size: 800 x 750
Personal Information
Mailing Address

OS X Address Book (10.5.2)

New Card
New Field

There are different kinds of fields:

  • phone numbers
  • relationships (friend, assistant, etc.)
  • adresses

There is a way to enter one of each category at least, and then if you have one being filled in a + shows up allowing them to create a second (third, etc.)