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This page is for planning items related to address book part of MailNews.

Latest News

For latest news keep an eye on the blog feeds or more specifically Mark's and Joshua's blogs.

Roadmap & Work In Progress

The roadmap isn't always detailed but gives a general short to medium term outlook on where the address book is heading.

The roadmap also gives some idea of the work currently in progress. We try to predict where something will land, but it doesn't always happen due to developers needing to work on other things.

Help Wanted

There are many areas we wish to improve and would like help with, please have a look at the MailNews:Address Book Help Wanted page for more information.

Information Wanted

We'd like some information on how other products export LDIF files, please head over to MailNews_Talk:Address_Book_Help_Wanted and add some information if you are able to.

Useful Information

General Links

LDAP Logging

We've now enabled an LDAP logging facility on trunk builds of SeaMonkey and Thunderbird. More information may be found at LDAP Logging.

LDAP Alpha Schema

Before Thunderbird 1.5 and SeaMonkey 1.0 we made some changes to the Address Book to allow more flexible attribute mapping. Additionally, the some of the default attributes changed, so we've put together an alpha version for the Mozilla Address Book schema find it here: LDAP Address Book Schema

Wish List

What do you want to see in address book? Many wishes/enhancements have been discussed previously.

Please let us use the discussion for what ideas we would like to see address book include in future.