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Both SeaMonkey and Thunderbird build MailNews, and run at least some tests on the builds continuously. The Tinderbox trees can be found at:

Revision Numbers

These are the revisions of the source code that were used for a particular build, e.g.

Trunk (Gecko 1.9.2):

Branch (Gecko 1.9.1):

The "rev" is the comm-central revision id,
the "m-c" is the mozilla-central revision id,
the "moz" is the mozilla-1.9.1 revision id.

All these link to the appropriate revision on
Note, sometimes there may be more than one revision per build. In which case?

MailNews specific Numbers

This list are numbers that are specific to MailNews tests, or are affected by MailNews tests.

Unit Test Boxes

These tinderbox names typically end with "check" (TB) or "unit test" (SM).


These numbers are a result of running the compiled-code tests on Thunderbird or SeaMonkey. These are low level tests driven from standalone executables (but using the compiled libraries).

This test display results as two numbers: <passed>/<failed>.


These numbers are a result of running the xpcshell unit tests on Thunderbird or SeaMonkey. The xpcshell unit tests are low-level tests, typically testing interfaces, and do not run any UI.

Currently the SeaMonkey ones run on both core and MailNews code, whereas the Thunderbird ones are just run on MailNews code.

This test displays results as two numbers: <passed>/<failed>.

Bloat Test Boxes

More information about the specific tests can be found here

There are currently no graphs for these tests.

Mail RLk

Reference Count Leaks

On the Thunderbird Tree, if this count goes above 0 bytes on any platform, the tinderbox will turn Orange.

Mail Lk

Total Bytes malloc'ed and not free'd

On the Thunderbird Tree, if this count goes above a set level, the tinderbox will turn orange. The levels are currently:

Platform Level (bytes)
Windows 110000
Mac 1400000
Linux 970000

For confirmation of the actual levels, see this file look for 'leak_threshold'.

Mail MH

Maximum Heap size

Mail A

Allocations - number of calls to malloc and friends

Core (Gecko) Specific Numbers

See Performance:Tinderbox_Tests for more information.