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Let's get together on Twitter:

Join @mozilla and @webmaker, and use DMs and Mentions to share advance notice of your upcoming events and standout moments for us to share. We'd be proud to have you on our Following list:

@Mozilla will be tweeting, RT'ing and sharing tons of information about events, inspiring creations, and singling out individuals who go the extra mile for some special kudos and attention. We hope you'll help us grow momentum and visibility by:

Keep the message simple - or - tag, tag, tag again!

The best way to create a big splash is to stay focused on your keywords, so that in unison they become a big wave. Mozilla keeps it pretty simple - one hashtag used across the web and a Call To Action for every message.

  • CTAs can include:
    • Share this/Tell a friend
    • Come to this event
    • Make something!
    • Learn something new
    • Support the cause

  • Sample Tweets:
    • Get together & celebrate making - June 15 - Sept 15th - <your blog post> or <> #makerparty
    • From June 15 - Sept 15th we're joining @Mozilla & partners around the world in a giant global #makerparty! Find out more: <link to your event>
    • Join our #makerparty & celebrate the amazing things we can make & share on the Web - Here's how you can join: <link to event sign up>

Advanced Promotion of Your Maker Party

2-4 weeks before your Maker Party, schedule Twitter, Facebook & other social media posts promoting sign-ups.

Suggested Tweets:
You should create your own along these lines. Always use #makerparty hashtag & try to include @Name of a reporter from the list above at the end of your tweet when tweeting about the topic of your party. (Note: Where you see #ST hashtag replace with your state’s postal code, for example: #NY, #CA, #UT.)

  • SAVE THE DATE: Sign up for our #Makerparty on ____(date)____ to make _____(topic/title)_____. http://SignupURL #ST
  • Become a #Webmaker. Create content, communities, apps for the Web, sign up for a #MakerParty now. http://SignupURL @Reporter
  • Join me at my #MakerParty on ___(date)___ to make _____. RSVP: http://SignupURL @webmaker
  • Want to thrive in the new economy? Come to my #MakerParty and become a @webmaker. http://SignupURL @Reporter #ST
  • I’m working w/ Mozilla to help make the world more web literate. Join me: http://SignupURL @Reporter #ST #TeachTheWeb

Live Tweeting/Posting During Your Maker Party:

  • During your Maker Party, you should encourage your guests to live tweet the event. By getting several people at your party to live tweet, you can create a real-time story about your event and Maker Party as a global campaign that reporters can follow and the Mozilla’s team can amplify.
  • Post the Hashtag and key reporters’ Twitter names on a sign for all party-goers to see
  • Remind party-goers to tweet while they make, always using the #makerparty hashtag.
  • Tell party-goers to add a reporter’s Twitter name to every tweet (tell them to mix up the reporters from tweet to tweet, so as not to bombard individual reporters too much).
  • Live tweet the party yourself, share photos of the party, retweet your party-goers’ tweets.
  • Be sure to emphasize how your maker party helps teach web literacy in your tweets.

Post Maker Party Promotion:

  • After the party, review the tweets from your party-goers and RT good ones you missed during the event.
  • Remind people on Twitter that they can sign-up to attend or host an upcoming Maker Party at
  • Share more pictures from your party
  • Go to [1] and create a story from the live tweets of your party. Instructions for using Storify are on [2] Then share your Storify story via Twitter (and Facebook and blog and any other social media channel you use).

Best Practices

Nothing beats taking the time to connect with Makers on your channels to support their efforts to explore a challenging new learning environment. You can:

  • View, comment on and RT great content
  • Invite followers to your events
  • Answer questions or suggest followers seek help from our Mentor group at @MozTeach or using #teachtheweb

Other great ways to build momentum and engage your followers include:

  • Blogging & tweeting about your goals and involvement in the #makerparty
  • Sharing photo sets on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram
  • Posting videos and recaps from your parties on YouTube

You might also consider:

  • Offering incentives to share content, such as swag, event tickets, stickers and memorabilia
  • Special mentions, merit badges (or even Open Badges!) or other recognition among peers
  • Using creations made by your followers in official messaging or at a special event (such as sharing a Popcorn 'Commercial' about your mission on your website)

Always remember:

  • To remind people to sign-up for future Marker Parties at
  • Include the #makerparty hashtag in all tweets
  • Mention reporters from the list above in tweets so they can follow your party as it happens.