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Our goal this summer is to work together to create a global movement of Makers learning, creating and sharing new things with the world online. No one organization can do it alone - but we won't have to! By sharing our event info, blog posts, photos, and the inspiring creations our follower build - we will create a compelling worldwide Call to Action that moves consumers of the web into makers of the web.

News and Resources

How can you help us spread the word?

It's easy! Here are a few quick ways you can help:

Let's get together on Twitter:

Join @mozilla and @webmaker, and use DMs and Mentions to share advance notice of your upcoming events and standout moments for us to share. We'd be proud to have you on our Following list:

@Mozilla will be tweeting, RT'ing and sharing tons of information about events, inspiring creations, and singling out individuals who go the extra mile for some special kudos and attention. We hope you'll help us grow momentum and visibility by:

Check out our full social media guide for more tips and tricks!

Brag about the Maker Party on your website:

Joining the party? We want you to show it off! Here are a few quick easy ways:

Post the Maker Party Logo on your website, and link back to Easy as pie!

Planning events this summer as a part of the party? Well why don't you say so! Use your website to tell the world what you're doing. Here's a sample paragraph to get you going:

  • [Your Name] is [what you're doing] as part of this year's global Maker Party, a three-month celebration of all the amazing things we can make — and learn — thanks to the web. From June 15 to September 15, Mozilla, [your organization] and more than 50 partner organizations will participate in events big and small that focus on hands-on learning through making.For more information go to

Need more help in figuring out what to say? We have a full list of talking points to use this summer.

Invite your friends to the party!

Send an email to your list announcing what you're doing as a part of the party—and inviting all of them to join. Looking for the right words? Use this Sample Email Template to send an invitation to your list.

Promote your events

Need help doing press around your events? Check out our handy press kit for a guide.