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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

Current stated support of chrome extension manifest spec can be found on

However, the stated spec is not in sync with FxOS.

Manifest fields intersection

  • Required: name, version
  • Recommended: default_locale, description
  • Single optional: browser_action
  • Optional: background, content_scripts, permissions, web_accessible_resources

Also supported in Firefox OS 2.5

These fields are supported in Firefox OS 2.5, though not stated as supported by the WebExtensions wiki page:

  • Recommended: icons
  • Optional: author (mapped to

Outstanding questions

Marketplace validation of manifest directives

Bolded items mark more specificity than stated by Mozilla or Google (as of version 2). All validation as of launch can be found here.

Manifest fields


  • valid zip file
  • has manifest.json


  • UTF-8 encoded json file
  • valid json file


  • required
  • valid string
  • 1 <= length <= 45
  • must not consist of only whitespace characters


  • required
  • valid string
  • format: max 3 dots separating max 4 integers, foreach integer:
    • no leading zeros for non-zero values
    • 0 <= int <= 65535


  • optional
  • length <= 132 chars


  • optional
  • 1 <= length <= 128 chars


  • optional
  • must have 128 specified
  • must be PNG
  • must be square