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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

This is where the Marketplace will pull data from metrics sent from Firefox OS phones and use it in multiple ways.


The data coming in is proposed to look like this: We think we can use that data to improve two key areas of the marketplace - app lists that the user sees and stats to the developer.


If we took the data from the metrics platform, could we improve:

  • popular apps
  • recommended apps

Possible things to note are that the data will contain:

  • mcc / mnc
  • locale

Meaning that popular and recommended lists could be tailored to the specific network, region or locale? Maybe?

There are multiple uses of this data including, improving the popular and recommended lists.

User Stories for Initial Implementation

As a FxOS device user, I want to find apps that are most used in my region, so that I can discover and enjoy relevant apps and services.

Users UX

As a first pass to show the utility of this to users, we'd implement a simple listing of apps, with some sorts and filters:

This would be accessible at a URL, or by a Web Activity, but not in the navigation.


For developers we've always struggled because we can't show developers exactly how their apps are being used, or any sort of daily data. This solves that and allows us to show even more such as:

  • usage per locale
  • usage per region
  • usage by device type and version
  • usage by device size

That stuff is really useful.

Technical bits

How do we pull the data from metrics?

See for rough notes.

  • Data goes from Firefox OS to the metrics server.
  • This will happen in bursts, there could be delays in the data and data will be backfilled.
  • Data is processed in a cron job by metrics.
  • That cron job runs a map reduce process [1129688].
  • Files are created on S3 probably in CSV in the format described in [1129688].
  • Monolith pulls the data from S3.
  • It then cleans and verifies the data.
  • It then massages it and pushes it into monolith.
  • We then add in to pages to pull from monolith (eg user pages, developer pages)
  • We also add in to the developer pages.
  • Settings team add into Gaia a Web Activity to access the page.

Key issues:

  • the data is sent daily, but not if the user is offline, its queued up, which means that:
    • data in graphs will change in the past as the data comes in
    • so we'll have to be
  • Platforms: Firefox OS (yes), Android (no), Desktop (no)

Tracking bugs

Tracking bug: 1129060

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