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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

So, you found a bug in Marketplace! Now, what?

Bug Templates


We use bug severity and priority to categorize bugs in order of their importance. Remember that p1-normal bug takes precedence over p4-critical.

Bug Severity

Severity is how you describe the impact of the bug on the target audience. These roughly follow Bugzilla's guidelines.

  • Blocker: Bugs blocks the user from doing a major function on the website. Example: a) Marketplace homepage loads a 500. b) App installs don't work.
  • Critical: Bug affects website/app functionality in a major way, including loss of data. Example: a) FxA is down which blocks the user from using many features on the site but can still browse and install apps. b) Search returns no results.
  • Major: An oft-used functionality on the site is broken. Example: a) A link on the homepage is a 404 b) User cannot add reviews.
  • Normal: the bug may cause some loss of functionality or causes a general degradation of user experience under specific circumstances. Example: a) Stats are not updating b) Search results in an unexpected order.
  • Minor: Minor loss of functionality or other problem where an easy workaround exists. Example: a) Inaccurate or missing user messaging b) Review count incorrect.
  • Trivial: Cosmetic problems like misspelled words, misaligned text, wrapping/overflow issues, or pixel misalignment. The kind of bug that could be referred to as a polish bug.
  • Enhancement: Request for enhancement.

Bug Priority

Priority is how you define the urgency with which a bug should be resolved. This field describes the importance and order in which a bug should be fixed compared to other bugs. This field is utilized by developers to help prioritize their work to be done where P1 is considered the highest and P5 is the lowest. Other factors may influence the order of the work that actually gets performed including bug dependencies, complexity of the task, and availability of resources across Marketplace teams.