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A key aspect of Mozilla's Apps project is that apps work anywhere HTML5 works. It's important that the Marketplace similarly works everywhere HTML5 works to allow consumers to acquire apps.

Compatibility Matrix

We need full support for any platform with native App support (say, a Boot2Gecko phone), and most support for any platform that apps support (which is every modern browser).

Full support means everything works exactly as intended. Most support means that all actions work, however some visual differences are allowed. Some just means that most vital things should work, and we'll fix bugs if filed. Blank means we don't support it at all.

JavaScript is required. Without JavaScript, an error is shown.

The decision to fix a bug on any non-full platforms is up to the discretion of the team, based on the severity of the bug combined with the stated support of the platform.

Public Consumer Pages Developer/Reviewer Pages
Firefox Desktop Most Most
Firefox Mobile Full Most
B2G Full Most
Chrome Desktop Most Most
Chrome Mobile Most
Chromebook Most
iPhone Most
Safari Most Some
Android Browser Most
IE8 Some
IE9+ Most
Opera Most Some