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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

This page covers support for devices on the Marketplace.

App support

  • This covers Firefox OS, Tarako, Android, Desktop and all consumer apps.
  • Limited support security fixes, P1-blocker bugs only
  • Basic support display of the app, search, install, basic payments (no payments on Tarako)
  • Full support display of the app, search, install, full payments, visual polish
  • Automation covers BFT of Marketplace + Payments tests (using Zippy)
  • Devices Devices listed are <primary>/<secondary>. So if it says "Flame/Hamachi" that release would be best tested on Flame but could be also tested on Hamachi.
Firefox OS version Devices Gecko version Support level
1.0.1 Inari/Hamachi 18 Limited support
1.1 Hamachi? 18.1 Limited support
1.2 Never Released to phones, dead release 26 No support, dead release
1.3 Hamachi/Flame 28 Full support
1.3t Tarako 28.1 Basic support
1.4 Flame/Hamachi 30 Full support
2.0 Flame 32 Full support + automation
2.1 Flame/Tako 34 Full support
2.2 Flame/(new ref device tbd) ? Full support

Website development

  • This covers Reviewer Tools, Developer tools etc.

API support