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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.


naoki will handle this project through milestone 2 (end of q1-ish), after that we will take over so theres nothing to do until next quarter. we should automate this so we don’t have to do anything.

integrates with fxos

  • pane on the phone that lists ‘all your stuff’
  • startup ‘' app
  • snapshot server that just grabs basic data ‘about you'
  • cloud services will now host this server

contract is ending with (they may have pivoted/no longer want to support us?) so we will have to run this in house rather than through their service

milestone 1: snapshot server by february 20

milestone 2: end of march complete switch over need to push new data that can build json with new regions

a service provides json responses for region/device info for

two search services:

  • search suggestions
  • content searching
  • pipes to yahoo or bing

3 above services will need to be tested in some capacity (load, basic response, request/response accuracy)

there are js tests, something like 1000, but not all passing

  • wrote them and dumped them on us

there is a staging server up for testing, ask justin lazaro for url

  • one on side and one on mozilla
  • make sure the ui hasn’t changed that much on staging

flame = 2.x

  • gaia.debug has to be on to see the json url that the client is sending back to the server
  • otherwise adb.logcat won’t show the url

leo = 1.1

post milestone 2

  • services might need to be involved, just get familiar for now

there is a copy of snapshot server (out of date) in the mozilla box folder

  • there are tests in the zip file to test the json response etc.

api version is reverse of fxos product

Next Steps

Let Naoki and co. finish testing through milestone 2 and then hand off to someone (Krupa maybe?)