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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.


Tools and libraries for generating data are needed to exercise every part of our code without unnecessary storing/sharing of data from production.

Apps can be generated in three ways via management commands:

  1. generate_feed -- to create feed data, specifically
  2. generate_apps_from_spec {path_to_json_file} -- to create apps according to fake app specs as described in a JSON file
  3. generate_apps N -- to create a specific number of apps

The App Types page lists the kinds of apps being generated and username examples.

Engineering Considerations

  • generation of apps for feed is done separately from rest of app specification.
  • app generation code currently doesn't generate video.
  • no current way to specify particular locales/regions.
  • no current way to specify content ratings.

Future Features

  • we should add an admin page that allows for:
    • identifying (and inspecting) the currently-loaded JSON file
    • uploading a spec file -- so QA can generate specific apps they need easily.
    • developer control of app generation -- so we don't have to rely on ops.
    • removal of specific apps -- in case one problem child (added by QA, for example) breaks things; no sense in blowing away all of the data.


Tracking bug: 1059418.

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