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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

Firefox Marketplace Featured Apps

Top-rated, high-quality apps are regularly featured on Firefox Marketplace and various other Mozilla channels. These apps showcase the power of open web apps, and may appeal to a wide audience or location-specific audiences.

Featured app nominations are open to the entire Mozilla community, and are selected by Marketplace editorial staff. New features go live on a weekly and monthly basis.

Criteria for Featured Apps

Perhaps needless to say, but featured apps must be stable and bug free. Beyond the basics of solid functionality, though, we want to highlight apps that offer a distinguished experience in some way—be it a unique function, a pleasing aesthetic, or an app that simply does what it claims to do, but does it really well.

An example of a unique function would be something like Evernav, the Marketplace's only voice-guided navigation app.

There are a lot of fine weather apps, but F&C offers a beautiful design.

Darwinism gives us a fresh take on the match-three puzzle genre.

Nominating a Single App or Collection of Apps

You can choose to nominate one app or a collection of apps that share a common theme or purpose. You must fill out and submit a nomination form for your app to be considered. If you are the author of an app that has been accepted to Firefox Marketplace, we encourage you to submit it for consideration!

Rotating Featured Apps

To keep Marketplace content fresh, featured apps are removed on a regular basis. Some common reasons for removal are:

  • Lack of growth
  • Negative reviews
  • No longer relevant (i.e. seasonal apps)
  • Give other apps a chance to be featured

Types of Featured Content

While we welcome suggestions on how the app/s you nominate should be featured, we cannot guarantee the manner in which the content will be editorialized. So it's perfectly fine to simply nominate an app and let us know why you think it's feature-worthy.

Here are a few ways we can editorialize the featured apps you nominate:

We can highlight an individual app and give it a bit of copy for context.

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We can craft themed collections.


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Lastly, we can feature apps based on category type (e.g. Games, Maps & Navigation, Productivity, etc).