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App Previews
Stage Definition
Status In progress
Release target `
Health OK
Status note In definition


Product manager Justin Scott
Directly Responsible Individual `
Lead engineer Wil Clouser
Security lead Raymond Forbes
Privacy lead `
Localization lead `
Accessibility lead `
QA lead Krupa Raj
UX lead Maria Sandberg
Product marketing lead `
Operations lead `
Additional members `

Open issues/risks


Stage 1: Definition

1. Feature overview

HTML5 apps are uniquely suited for instant trials and demos of apps from within the Marketplace itself, whether access through a browser or in app mode. Firefox Marketplace should leverage this to allow users to try most apps before installing them locally, and to allow developers to create a demo experience that shows off the best of their app.

2. Users & use cases

  • A user wishes to demo a paid app before purchasing it.
  • A user wants to try several similar apps before choosing one to install.
  • A user needs an app for one-time use and doesn't wish to install it permanently.
  • A user wants to get a taste for a game before installing it.

3. Dependencies


4. Requirements



Stage 2: Design

5. Functional specification


6. User experience design


Stage 3: Planning

7. Implementation plan


8. Reviews

Security review


Privacy review


Localization review




Quality Assurance review


Operations review


Stage 4: Development

9. Implementation


Stage 5: Release

10. Landing criteria


Feature details

Priority P2
Rank 1
Theme / Goal `
Roadmap Marketplace
Secondary roadmap `
Feature list Marketplace
Project Apps
Engineering team WebDev

Team status notes

  status notes
Products ` `
Engineering ` `
Security ` `
Privacy ` `
Localization ` `
Accessibility ` `
Quality assurance ` `
User experience ` `
Product marketing ` `
Operations ` `