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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.


Language packs are translations for Gaia. Rather than ship and update all the localisations in each phone version, language packs allow updates to the localisation as they become available.

These will be used in FxOS 2.2.

Marketplace design notes

  • Was agreed should not be just bolted onto the webapp model since many parts of it different eg:
    • No review step
    • No developer pages


How to upload langpacks on Marketplace

You'll need a Marketplace account and the appropriate permissions.

API Example using curling


$ pip install curling
$ echo '{"": {"key": "<replace-by-your-api-key>", "secret": "<replace-by-your-api-secret>"}}' > ~/.curling

Validate a langpack

$ DATA=$( base64 -w 0 "/tmp/" )
$ curling -X POST -d '@-' <<CURL_DATA
{"upload": {"type": "application/zip", "name": "", "data": "$DATA"}}

Check the validation result

$ curling<paste-validation-id-from-previous-line-here>/

Create a langpack from the validation result (once validation result says valid=true and processed=true)

$ curling -X POST -d '{"upload": "<paste-validation-id-from-previous-line-here>"}'

Activate the langpack

Note: langpack uuid is different from the validation id, even though both are 32-chars hexadecimal strings.

$ curling -X PATCH -d '{"active": true}'<paste-langpack-uuid-from-previous-line-here>/

Double-check that the langpack is now active

$ curling<paste-langpack-uuid-from-previous-line-here>/

Updating an existing langpack

Validate a langpack like above, then:

$ curling -X PUT -d '{"upload": "<paste-validation-id-from-previous-line-here>"}'<paste-langpack-uuid-here>/

Note: the version field in your manifest needs to be different.


Tracking bug: 1105530.

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