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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.


Tracking bug

Bug 1202829


Feature Status Dev Manager Developers QA lead QA Status
Late Customization WIP David Durst(:ddurst) Mark Streimer (:mstreimer) Krupa Raj (:krupa) Ayah Soufan (:ayah) In progress

Testing Matrix

browsers: None
platforms: Firefox OS
access: within the app
connectivity: wifi and 3G


Device UX :
Design Brief :

Relevant Bugzilla links

Test Coverage

What's in Scope?

  • Setting up collections on Operator Dashboard
  • Updating collections on Operator Dashboard
  • Deleting collections on Operator Dashboard
  • Ensuring that the appropriate collection is served based on MNC/MCC pair
  • Install during FTU (that the API request returns expected result)
  • Prompt to install apps when Marketplace is launched
  • Installing apps within Marketplace
  • Dismissing the prompt

What's out of Scope?

  • Actual install of apps during FTU
  • MNC/MCC detection during FTU
  • Zero-rating

Entry Criteria

  • Late Customization is set up and ready to test on dev
  • All the changes required on the phone have landed

Exit Criteria

  • There are no P1/P2 open bugs
  • All the open bugs related to that feature have been triaged
  • All the userflows have been tested


  • Zero rating cannot be tested without actual SIMS which support that functionality
  • Installing up to 5 packaged apps during FTU may result in a jarring experience for the end user
  • If install is disrupted midway, we may have ghost apps on the homepage which might be confusing to the user


Full functionality testrun

End-to-End testrun

  • This will be tested by the client QA team.

Other References