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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

Marketplace has been directed to stop the addition of new features, and to concentrate efforts on cleanup/stabilization and securing it prior to placing it in maintenance mode. This is in accordance with the plans for Firefox OS post-2.5.

What does "maintenance mode" mean?

"Maintenance mode" means that Marketplace will not be under active development by Mozilla. It will effectively be running as a legacy application to support legacy clients (Firefox OS v1.1-v2.5). Our goal is to ensure that existing clients have a functional and positive experience during and after this transition.

Marketplace Next Steps

As a result, the Marketplace team will focus on these efforts prior to the end of Q1 2016:

  • We will disable desktop submissions in January 2016 (exact date TBD) -- whether the desktop site will be accessible is TBD
  • We will disable Android submissions in January 2016 (exact date TBD)
  • UX/UI cleanup 1189298
  • IARC update 1143040
  • django upgrade to 1.8 1156928
  • remove tarako review queue 1223401
  • remove payments
  • complete AWS S3 migration 1167271

In addition, we will be triaging all KTLO bugs ( and all open bugs.

Outstanding Questions

There are many questions about what else should be done. Perhaps more can be removed to streamline the application/configuration and simplify community contribution. Among these questions:

  1. Do we support discovery of progressive webapps?
  2. Do we need to support the New Security Model?
  3. Do we need to support Pin-the-web?
  4. Can we eliminate operator shelf? (carrier-specific functionality)
  5. Can we eliminate late customization? (carrier-specific functionality)
  6. Can we remove websites from Marketplace?

Subsequent releases of Firefox OS could prolong the life of Marketplace. Therefore:

  1. With each new release of a version of FxOS that requires Marketplace, how long do we support Marketplace?
  2. FxOS add-ons are currently in Marketplace. Should they move to AMO?


TV brings up specific questions.

  1. TV uses the API (and back-end), but has no submission or review tools -- do we need to add that capability, and to what -- devhub? /content?
  2. What team will be responsible for these changes?


NSEC brings up specific questions:

  1. Will Marketplace have to exist just to host NSEC apps? How do we migrate current apps?
  2. Langpacks and homescreens are *not* planned to migrate to NSEC for 2.6; therefore, Marketplace must continue to support the old format while also supporting the new format. Should this be a Q1 2016 goal for whatever team will take over Marketplace? There are several issues:
    1. Marketplace itself is a packaged app.
    2. Developers who currently host their app on Marketplace will still rely on Marketplace (because they also can't self-host their apps on a CDN).