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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

Thanks for testing out an early version of the Mozilla Marketplace! Below you'll find instructions on how to install apps and give us feedback, as well as issues we already know about.

Quick Start Guide for Desktop Web Runtime

Thank you for trying out an early build of the desktop web runtime to install web applications! Below provides a quick summary of how to get started installing and using web applications. You'll need a Nightly build of Firefox for Windows XP or higher or Mac OS X 10.5 or higher in order to order to install and use native web applications.


You will need to install a Nightly build of Firefox at For this release, the following operating systems are supported:

  • Windows XP or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
  • Certain Linux operating systems

Note: Linux support just recently landed, so it is not fully tested yet on every possible Linux operating system.

You might want to run Nightly with a separate profile from your regular Firefox install (for example without your normal add-ons, etc.). See the SUMO article on Managing profiles.

Installing an Application


  1. Go to
  2. Login with Persona
  3. Find an application you want to install
    1. If the application you want requires payment, please see the Purchasing Apps section for details on how to purchase an application
  4. Select to install the application
  5. When the door hanger appears, select "Install"


see also Apps/Platform-specific_details on MDN

On Windows, Firefox creates a desktop shortcut for the application you installed, and also adds the application to the Start menu. If you search for the application in your Start menu on Windows Vista or higher, you should be able to find the application you installed.

On Mac, Firefox adds the application to your /Applications directory.

On Linux, Firefox creates a .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications for the application. It also creates a directory "/home/user/.app origin" for the application's metadata, for example its icon, manifest, and/or stub executable. LinuxNativeWebApps has more information.

Launching an Application


  • On Windows, launch it either from the desktop shortcut or the start menu
  • On Mac, launch it from the app file in /Applications directory, from the launcher pad, or by searching for it and clicking the application to run it
  • On Linux, launch the webapprt-stub from /home/user/.app origin or try finding and launching it from the GUI of your Linux distribution. For example,
    • on Ubuntu you can launch the application from the dashboard
    • in the KDE Plasma Desktop you can launch the application from the Kickoff menu (currently in the "Lost & Found" submenu - bug 760748)


The application should start up with a simple menu and a content window containing the application content.

Uninstalling an Application


  • On Windows, uninstall the application through finding the application in add or remove programs and selecting to uninstall the application
  • On Mac, drag the application into the trash bin and empty the trash bin


The application and all of its references (e.g. desktop shortcuts and start menu items on Windows) should be removed from your system.

Note: There is no support for uninstalling a web application on Linux at this time. The work-around is you manually delete the data created during the install process. There is requirements analysis taking place though to figure this out on bug 761806 and in LinuxNativeWebApps wiki page. Feel free to give feedback on how best to support uninstallation of a web application!

Purchasing Apps on Marketplace

Apps can be purchased from the Marketplace using PayPal or a credit card. We encourage you to link your Marketplace and PayPal accounts for instant purchasing. These are real purchases with real money, but due to the nature of this testing release, please be aware that apps available for purchase may be test versions themselves or otherwise stop working.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Visit the Marketplace and find an app for sale with a price
  2. Click Purchase to set up purchasing or pay one time with a credit card. Setting up purchasing with PayPal allows for instant desktop and mobile purchases in the future, and only takes a few seconds.
  3. Once your purchase is complete, the app is installed and ready for use.
  4. Optionally, request a refund during the 30 minute auto-refund period. After 30 minutes, your refund must be approved by the app developer.

Want testing funds?

To help test app purchasing, we're giving vouched Mozillians $5 via PayPal to use towards testing the Marketplace. Here's how it works:

  1. Send an email to with:
    • your name
    • a link to your vouched profile
    • your PayPal email address
  2. Within a few days, we'll send $5 USD to your PayPal account and reply to your email to let you know.
  3. We ask that you only use the funds for testing the Marketplace, and that you fill out the survey we send in the confirmation email to give feedback on your purchasing experience.

Request refunds

  1. Within the first 30 minutes go to the bottom of the page and click on "Account history"
  2. Under your app you will see "Request support" -
  3. "I want to request a refund" -
  4. Follow the few more screens all the way

Giving Feedback

We'd love your feedback on what you liked and what could be improved about the Marketplace and desktop web runtime.

Filing Bugs

Think you have found a bug with marketplace or the desktop web runtime? Below provides instructions on how to file a bug:

If it's a bug with marketplace, then file bug in Marketplace in bugzilla under the component you think the bug belongs under. After filing this bug, cc Krupa Raj (:krupa) on the bug.

If it's a bug with installing, launching, or uninstalling the application, then file the bug in Firefox Web Apps. After filing the bug, cc Jason Smith (:jsmith) on the bug.

If it's bug while using an application, then file the bug in Desktop Web Runtime. After filing the bug, cc Jason Smith (:jsmith) on the bug.

Known Issues

We're aware of the following issues and will address them in future releases:

  • Marketplace visual design is optimized for tablets, not mobile or desktop
  • Not all submitted apps have been approved, and we'll continue working through submissions.
  • Some issues with app reinstallation
    • Reinstall an app while an app is already running - wipes shortcuts
    • Duplicate app installs on Mac
  • Uninstalling native app from machine does not update FF profile
  • App install errors throw exceptions, not good error messages