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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

This is an overview page for the recommendation engine for the Marketplace.


A recommendation engine to give back some spiffy recommendations on the apps users should look at.


  • UX to figure out how it should appear to the user. Targetted for starting middle of August.
  • Deploy the recommendation engine on to dev.
  • Hook up marketplace to the recommendation engine.
  • Metrics for measuring how well it went.


Tracker: 1053597

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1042783 [tracker] [marketplace] recommendation engine set up -- RESOLVED
1042800 [recommendation] load test -- RESOLVED
1054086 Add in a recommendation page P3 RESOLVED
1063795 Add in recommendation engine back end P3 RESOLVED
1088304 Add Learn More link and page about the Recommendations. P2 VERIFIED
1095585 Add logging and sentry to the recommendation engine P2 RESOLVED
1095588 Recommendation engine slow to start P2 RESOLVED
1097332 Hide the recommended tab if user opted out of app recommendations P2 VERIFIED
1098626 Recent recommendation user opt-in has no data in engine P3 RESOLVED
1100488 Stand up recommendation engine on stage and prod P2 RESOLVED
1101896 Recommended filtering seems off P2 VERIFIED
1104865 Show notification to users who navigate to recommended tab P4 RESOLVED
1107484 Recommended tab shown after turning off in settings -- VERIFIED
1109113 Different apps are displayed after page refresh on Recommended section P4 RESOLVED
1109126 Installed app is displayed in Recommended page P3 RESOLVED
1110326 Redirect user to the homepage when they log out of /recommended -- RESOLVED
1118324 Add Learn More link to Recommendations Tab P2 RESOLVED

17 Total; 0 Open (0%); 13 Resolved (76.47%); 4 Verified (23.53%);

Meeting, Nov 12th

  • On dev
  • Also on stage (thanks Jason)
    • (bug) Jason to add in sticky sessions?
    • (bug) add in nagios end point
  • Version 2
    • Send installed signal each install

Meeting, Sep 11th

  • Ops
  • Dev
    • Filed appropriate bugs for development.
  • Product
    • No changes.
  • Joao, Linas
    • Need to check data, will contact Rob.

Meeting, Aug 14th

  • Work on ops was delayed because of other priorites:
    • Jason wondered if we can move the code from bitbucket to github 1042792.
    • Planning on pushing next week 1042783.
  • Legal update:
    • David, need to keep extending the data sharing agreement. Legal seem cool, no need for any other documentation, complies with privacy policy.
  • UX update:
    • Not started on the design.
    • Work into the new feed (which is out at the end of the month)
  • Dev update:
    • No update.
  • Joao update:
    • Last version on the repository has some cache improvements.
    • And improve the documentation.
    • Testing, if we move to github, we can possibly use travis.