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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

Below are completion dates for Marketplace features.


October 18, 2012

3000-Consumer Beta Release for Android
the "walled garden" comes tumbling down (login removed)

Features and tasks:

  • [spec] | [bug 756282] Polish FxOS designs (320x240)
  • [spec] | [bug packaged-apps] 3rd party packaged apps
  • [spec] | [bug] Optimized designs for Desktop
  • [spec] | [bug] Consumer-facing Android push
    • [spec] | [bug] Front end support for android devices (wider than 240px)
    • [spec] | [bug] Login removed from Marketplace on Android devices
    • [spec] | [bug] Metrics / Reports for Internal Marketing v.1
    • [spec] | [bug] Ability to contact apps developers for internal purposes

October 26th, 2012 (Milestone: Feature Freeze on FFOS Device Oct 26th)

Paymentsfor FFOS Brazil are feature complete: patches checked in against blockers & ready for testing
Ship of FFOS Marketplace for Dogfooding devices complete

Nov 15, 2012

Ship to Beta Developer and Internal Admin Metrics and Support features

  • Ship OS Simulator tool - P1
  • Ship to Beta feedback and support tools from end-user to developer - P1
  • Content review process: operation of multi-language, multi-platform review process (validation) - P1
  • Marketplace rebrand (Mozilla Marketplace to Firefox Marketplace) - P1
  • Ship to Beta Developer dashboard - download metrics, usage metrics, payment history - P2
  • Ship to Beta system and internal business metrics (user, clic) - P2

Dec 15, 2012

Android enhancements, Marketplace Localization and Desktop Apps launch

  • Server-side payments complete for FFOS
    • Ship to Beta Developer single-registration for Bango - P1
    • disabling payments server-side for device lost / stolen
  • Ship to Beta Payments for Android (P1)
  • Ship to Beta Android in multiple languages (P1)
  • Begin operation of editorial, promotion, curation and outbound marketing plan for Marketplace (P1)
  • Marketplace L10N on all features(P2)
  • Desktop Apps Discovery and Install (P2)
  • Desktop Send-To-Phone (P3)

January 15, 2013

Features and tasks:

  • [spec] | [bug] Sharing apps
  • [spec] | [bug] Reports for BizDev
  • [spec] | [bug] Realtime monitoring tools for Marketplace

February - March, 2013

Features and tasks:

  • [spec] | [bug] Personalized Recommendations
  • [spec] | [bug] Developer submission/management APIs
  • [spec] | [bug] Temporary price changes
  • [spec] | [bug] Special offers page
  • [spec] | [bug] Global content ratings
  • [spec] | [bug] App privacy questions
  • [spec] | [bug] Admin stats overview (business/analysis)
  • [spec] | [bug] Themes migration from GetPersonas


Feature queue:

  • Improved discovery mechanism
  • App collections
  • Social integration
  • Download vouchers
  • Gifting apps between users
  • Advanced featuring tool and CMS
  • Affiliates project
  • Add-ons migration to Marketplace