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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

Marketplace Reviewers volunteer their time and efforts to uphold the quality of Mozilla Marketplace. To recognize and reward Reviewers for their contributions, a point system has been established. As Reviewers contribute, they accumulate points to earn Marketplace gear!


For each add-on, app, or theme reviewed, Reviewers earn the following number of points:

  • Full add-on: +120
  • Complete Themes: +80
  • Updated add-on: +80
  • Preliminary Review add-on: +60
  • Apps/Dictionary/Language Packs: +60
  • Apps re-reviews/Search Providers: +30

Marketplace Gear

Reviewers can earn gear as they contribute and accumulate points:

Level 1 2,160 points Stickers + Thank You Note
Level 2 4,320 points USB drive
Level 3 7,200 points Shopping bag and water bottle
Level 4 13,500 points Marketplace Reviewer t-shirt
Level 5 24,000 points Marketplace Reviewer hoodie
Level 6 96,000 points Tablet

Level 4 gear: a nifty tee!