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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

This document is currently a draft.

This page covers the use of smaller services in the Marketplace cluster. This page is a list of the things that service must do in order to be considered to be run in the Marketplace Services cluster as a service.


  • Tools
    • Python (Cornice, Django, Flask, just plain Python)
    • MySQL
    • Memcache etc.
    • Celery or Queuey or something for async
  • Development
    • On github.
    • It will either:
      • Be serving HTML to end users.
      • Be serving JSON as REST based service. Ideally we can decide on a similar layout for REST services.
  • Install and update
    • Needs an update script (should this just be done through commander, basic command script)
    • Python dependencies managed through pip.
    • Non-python dependencies managed through RPMs.
    • Contains forward database migrations, if needed.
  • Monitoring
    • Use metlog for logging.
      • Insert timings into your code.
      • CEF log the sensitive bits.
    • Reserve the URL /services for Nagios and other checks.

Current services

Receipt check: mostly compliant Version check: not complete or compliant