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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.


Firefox OS will be used as a platform for TV. This means that there are two distinct efforts required:

  1. Creation of a TV-specific UI
  2. Augmentation of the back-end/API to support TV content

Background materials



Content for TV

Content for TV is confined to hosted apps and websites.

NEEDED: content guidelines.

Proposed Phases

  1. Initial launch – only 5-10 big name sites, ~10 webapps (hosted). Content Services will need to verify the regions the content works in (is accessible to). Data will be imported by Mozilla, not submitted by the public. Like with webapps, we'll use a language for the listing (if we have it), default to English if we don't.
  2. Subsequent launch – requires submission tool. The other websites content (MOWs) also does not have a submission tool.

Engineering information

QA info

To install the simulator, follow the instructions on

Note: When running the simulator, the three notes following are important. Both the b2g-bin path and the profile path will be specific to your installation. The if you start at a 1600x900 resolution setting, it may be too big and you'll merely see a black screen in the simulator; try reducing the resolution setting until you see the UI (I defaulted to a 50% ratio, which worked enough for me to know that everything was installed correctly).

Back-end Sprint plan

  • Sprint 1: 2015/11/10 - 2015/11/16 (roughly)
  • define/document API specs and disseminate: 1223643 this should allow for the creation of a mock API for front-end development to use, with minimal changes required for true integration.
  • Sprint 2: 2015/11/18 - 2015/11/26 (roughly)

Back-end bugs

Tracking bug: 1205499

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status Resolution
1205503 Add a TV filter to the Marketplace API P2 RESOLVED FIXED
1214697 Website data for TVs should be returned in the language in use on the TV (default English otherwise) P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1221785 [user story] As Mozilla, I want to be to submit Content with information that will go into the Preview Area, an Icon and a Screenshot P5 RESOLVED WONTFIX
1221795 Add support for TV-specific assets (still TBD) P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1221797 Revise MOW site model so that TV websites don't pollute it P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1223547 Allow TV content to include "featured" content P2 RESOLVED FIXED
1223551 Create a script to upload TV marketplace websites, including translated field data P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1223643 Spec API for TV marketplace P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1231360 Get on apps by author name, device types etc is returning a 403 -- RESOLVED WONTFIX
1231416 If the UA string is not TV, redirect (and vice versa) P3 RESOLVED WONTFIX
1231484 Mock implementation for marketplace TV API -- RESOLVED FIXED
1231651 GET requests on api/v2/tv/search are failing with server error -- VERIFIED FIXED
1237926 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] In grid view, there's no any suggested app P1 VERIFIED FIXED
1244001 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] Sometimes the suggested flag will be cut P1 VERIFIED FIXED
1244608 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] Display the preview picture in fade in mode P1 RESOLVED FIXED

15 Total; 0 Open (0%); 12 Resolved (80%); 3 Verified (20%);

Front-end bugs

Tracking bug 1204762

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status Resolution
1211400 [TV][2.5] Preview an app on Marketplace P1 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1217765 [TV][2.5] Permission prompt up window broken on TV. P2 RESOLVED FIXED
1217768 [TV][2.5] Press back button on the remote to return to the preview area P1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1217771 [TV][2.5] Add Website to the apps folder P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1217772 [TV][2.5] Reminder for pining to home screen if a user have visited Content X (TBD) times. P3 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1218289 Export the second parameter of mozApps.install() -- RESOLVED WONTFIX
1221773 [user story] As a user, I want to find and browse Content for my FxOS TV P1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1221776 [user story] As Mozilla, Content will be structured as one long list/one grid (no categories or filters) P1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1221778 [user story] As a user, I want to have a preview area with the name of the Content, a short description and one screenshot of Content that I have navigated to. P1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1221781 [user story] As a user, I want to see an icon view of the Content that I am browsing and an highlight Icon view of the content I navigated to. P1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1221783 [user story] As a user, I want to know which iARC content rating the content has. P4 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1221784 [user story] As a user, I want to be able to see that Content has been featured by seeing a flag on the Icon View of such Content P2 RESOLVED FIXED
1225354 [TV][2.5] Showing a list of apps as a row P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1225356 [TV][2.5] Showing app’s detail in the preview area when navigating to an app P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1225358 [TV][2.5] Highlight the icon of the app when navigating to an app P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1225393 [TV][2.5] Open app when pressing enter on an app P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1225394 [TV][2.5] Check the app is installed or not when navigating to an app P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1227115 [TV][2.5][Marketplace] Finalized TV marketplace domain name P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1227537 [TV][2.5] Failed to navigate back P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1227929 [TV][2.5] Reskin marketplace with Marketplace visual spec P2 RESOLVED FIXED
1228204 [TV][2.5] Press option on app's icon will inform system app of which app is focuesd P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1228210 [TV][2.5] Package as hosted app P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1228974 [TV][2.5] Preloaded hosted app offline support did not work P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1231416 If the UA string is not TV, redirect (and vice versa) P3 RESOLVED WONTFIX
1231467 [TV][2.5][Marketplace] Create offline cache content for Marketplace P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1231548 [TV][2.5] Layout to sign-in dialog of Firefox account is broken. P2 VERIFIED FIXED
1232051 [TV][2.5] Marketplace UI should show strings (not just API data) localized for the user P2 RESOLVED FIXED
1232619 [TV][2.5] Update preview area's background color -- RESOLVED FIXED
1233677 [TV][2.5][Appdeck] Bookmarks on Appdeck should be removable within option menu P1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1233681 [TV][2.5] Update contextmenu id to the top element P2 RESOLVED FIXED
1234163 [TV][2.5] Add Website to smart home P1 VERIFIED FIXED
1235113 [TV][2.5] Showing installed icon in preview area when the app is installed -- RESOLVED FIXED
1235128 [TV][2.5] System banner supports icon and title P2 VERIFIED FIXED
1235135 [TV][2.5] Hide price text in preview area -- RESOLVED FIXED
1235977 [TV][2.5] Video can't be played in the preview mode -- VERIFIED FIXED
1236399 [TV][2.5] Character limits of app's name in preview area P2 RESOLVED FIXED
1236810 [TV][2.5] Patch for marketplace server setup P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1236821 [TV][2.5] Switch marketplace api to tv api -- RESOLVED FIXED
1237181 [TV][2.5][Marketplace] Revise l10n string for Tutorial P1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1237221 [TV] FxOS TV Metrics - The hard-coded marketplace origins need to be adjusted for TV -- RESOLVED FIXED
1237507 [TV][2.5][Marketplace][FTE] The default highlight will be at Next button or Done button P2 RESOLVED FIXED
1237509 [TV][2.5][Marketplace][FTE] Strange window popped up after press Option key P1 VERIFIED FIXED
1237512 [TV][2.5][Marketplace][FTE] Would be nice to return to the previous screen after pressing "Back" on remote control P2 RESOLVED FIXED
1237541 [TV][2.5] Preview window back key also trigger on parent app window P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1237542 [TV][2.5] Prevent back button in Marketplace -- RESOLVED FIXED
1237888 [TV][2.5] Price text should always show 'Free' -- RESOLVED FIXED
1237923 [TV][2.5][Marketplace][FTE] Key's text is not center aligned P1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1237926 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] In grid view, there's no any suggested app P1 VERIFIED FIXED
1237929 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] There has a scroll bar always shown on screen if apps more than one page P2 VERIFIED FIXED
1237930 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] In grid view, there only have 6 apps in one row P1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1237934 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] After grid view scroll down, move focus to top-left app will show a flicker square border P3 RESOLVED FIXED
1237951 [TV][2.5] Marketplace should handle error when api response failed P3 RESOLVED FIXED
1238875 [TV][2.5][Marketplace] Prevent user from back to FTE in Marketplace P1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1239914 [TV][2.5] Fallback to old system banner P2 VERIFIED FIXED
1240661 [TV][2.5] Update tutorial l10n and visual -- VERIFIED FIXED
1241399 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] First time opening tutorial, background image will late shown P1 VERIFIED FIXED
1241402 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] Press option key on tutorial will show strange option P1 VERIFIED FIXED
1241407 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] Navigating between different app/website, icon has moving animation instead of just scaling P1 VERIFIED FIXED
1241418 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] Navigating from horizontal direction won't always on the same row P5 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1241818 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] Leaving web apps then relaunching again after 5 mins, the focus still on the last focus icon P2 RESOLVED INVALID
1242315 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] Horizontally navigation doesn't have wrap-around P1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
1242359 Navigating back from search does not redirect correctly P1 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1242361 Navigating back from a video does not redirect correctly P1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1242369 User is not redirected to “Dev Web Apps” detail page from an app P2 RESOLVED INVALID
1242440 “Free” text is not changing to “added” -- RESOLVED INVALID
1243689 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] There has no app author on UI P2 RESOLVED FIXED
1243701 Navigation in MP moves the row with icons up and down. -- RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1244001 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] Sometimes the suggested flag will be cut P1 VERIFIED FIXED
1244048 [TV][2.5] Webapp is unable to be opened after adding from marketplace website -- VERIFIED FIXED
1244603 [TV][2.5] modification of WebApps's FTE (remove remote controller image). -- VERIFIED FIXED
1244608 [TV][2.5][Web Apps] Display the preview picture in fade in mode P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1244619 [TV][2.5] Install apps with context menu -- RESOLVED FIXED
1245820 Wrong color for add button when focused -- RESOLVED WONTFIX
1246996 Need to add Privacy Notice Summary for TV Marketplace P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1248852 remove FREE on TV Web Apps P1 VERIFIED FIXED
1248853 Provide options for users to view URL on TV Web Apps listings P1 VERIFIED FIXED
1248856 Provide some Mozilla branding on TV Web Apps -- RESOLVED FIXED
1249534 Cannot unpin Marketplace content from Home successfully. -- VERIFIED FIXED
1250032 [Marketplace] Hint should show after the app finish loading P3 VERIFIED FIXED
1250056 remove FREE on TV Web Apps - test case revise P1 RESOLVED FIXED
1250057 Provide options for users to view URL on TV Web Apps listings - Test cases requirements -- RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1250404 [TV][Marketplace] Visual polish for "Web App" icon -- RESOLVED FIXED
1254420 The string "Learn how to use" is not displayed on the top of screen in Marketplace tutorial page. -- VERIFIED FIXED
1257739 [TV][2.5] Marketplace TV dev server build failed -- RESOLVED FIXED
1258276 [TV][2.5] Upgrade js-spatial-navigation to v0.3 and fix broken features -- RESOLVED FIXED
1259328 [TV][2.5] Push 2016.03.29 release -- RESOLVED FIXED
1260093 [TV][2.5] Legal documents should be independent from the UI strings -- RESOLVED FIXED
1261341 Fling tutorial needs multi lang support -- RESOLVED FIXED

88 Total; 0 Open (0%); 68 Resolved (77.27%); 20 Verified (22.73%);