Mathjazz report August 2011

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Reporter User:Mathjazz
Date August 2011
Recruits 0
Past Items * Started talks on Firefox 7 release party in Ljubljana
  • Participated in a talk with Mitchell Baker (Mozilla in the New Era)
  • Proof-read SUMO articles and made updates to a few string translations of SUMO platform
  • Proof-read Firefox features page and newsletter.lang, translated by Vito
  • AMO and corrections and updates
  • Proof-read blog posts on Mozilla Slovenija website written by Vito and Nino
  • Unifying and spellchecking Slovenian Aurora repository
  • Participated in Mozilla Slovenija meeting
Next Items * Firefox 7 release party
  • Firefox 8 localization
  • Creating scripts for automatically removing obsolete strings/files and adding new ones in sl repositories
  • More proof-reading, translations unifying and spellchecking
  • Getting more blog posts published on Mozilla Slovenija website