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Matrix Bots!

One of the many joys of Matrix is that making bots that do useful or amusing things is simple and fun. Unfortunately, like everything made of software, making things is a lot simpler and more fun than maintaining them, so we have a few things we need to ask of bot developers to keep Matrix usable and sustainable for everyone.

Bot Guidelines

This list isn't mandatory, but we ask that you consider these suggestions carefully.

  • Please use a service account! You can request one in Bugzilla, under Infrastructure & Operations :: Matrix. This lets us restrict account access to only what the bot needs, and if your bot misbehaves we can disable the service credentials rather than disabling yours.
  • If your bot sends messages automatically, consider building in some rate-limiting so it doesn't spam people or channels accidentally.
  • Remember: like all Mozilla forums, Matrix is governed by our Community Participation Guidelines, and authors are responsible for their bots' actions.
  • Finally, as a courtesy we ask that you add your bot to the following list in case somebody needs to contact you.

Matrix Bot List

Bot Name Bot description Owner Bugmail Bot Service Account Source Repository
Botzilla A simple bot aiming at being useful to Mozilla developers and be a successor to IRC's firebot/mrgiggles.  :bbouvier
crowbot A simple bot aiming at being useful to Servo developers and a successfor to IRC's crowbot  :jdm Using an account from another federated server as of 2020-02-25
mtsbot A bot to provide automatic management for TechSpeakers program members via IAM, and notifications/enhancements from other services (like our CFP calendar)  :flaki not yet! - still in testing phase