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8/28/2012, 9:00am Pacific:


1)Review/Discuss remaining "Priority 0" items from,

  • Are these are done (modulo stability)? Can we move "Wire up identity to DTLS-SRTP fingerprint checks" to Priority 1?
  • Everything is done except wiring up identity to DTLS-SRTP fingerprint checks, and it should remain a P0. EKR is working on receiving trickle ICE for interop with Chrome.

2) Status on "Priority 1" (Spec compliance) list in by category:

  • JSEP [emannion, ehugg]
    • Enda is out this week
    • Ethan is out until tomorrow (Wed)
    • I believe we've implemented rtc-mux and corrected the SDP for VP8 and Opus. Anything else to highlight or discuss?
      • Nothing mentioned
  • Media Transport [ekr, anant]
    • Receive trickle ICE working in test harness. (Sending is really P2.)
    • All other items are less important
    • TURN we can get away without for a while
  • Media [derf, jesup]
    • LATENCY! <-- Needs to filed as P1 bug in bugzilla
      • treat video latency and audio latency as separate bugs (video latency doesn't seem that bad thus far)
    • Should investigate A/V sync issue after latency but not a P1. Neither of the remaining issues on the wiki page are P1 -- just latency.
    • Randell will dig into latency issues
  • DOM [jesup, anant]
    • Bug 711628 (arrays) is the big blocker - PeterV is working on this with Anant
    • Bug 786158 (Description attributes) - Anant will add a good description of the problem to the bug.
    • peterv will produce live array support
    • will hack EventTarget simulation for initial release
    • Datachannel DOM should be ok
      • Need to get W3C to bless
  • Identity [ekr, anant]
    • Anant will do the work. We want to do this for v1.0, but this is less critical than the trickle ICE and JSEP work
    • lower priority - fix for ship - current is a hack, will take maybe 2 days
  • NOTE: All bugs from P1 except for latency and sync are in bugziilla. Randell will add those to bugzilla. THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

3) Interop with Chrome status

  • Big blocker: Chrome's lack of support for DTLS. EKR will help out Chrome, but not do the work for them. ** EKR is planning to go to Seattle to work with Justin face-to-face on Interop -- he'll try to avoid debugging their ICE stack for them
    • try to get a video done for publicizing once we have an interop call (Coordinate with Rainer)
  • Randell and Tim will try to get data channels and Opus into ASAP
    • Opus under review by Tina (ball is in Google's court)
    • Randell has rollup patches for DataChannels on bugs 729511, 729512, and 733002

4) Updated landing plan

  • Randell has updated the plan, but the issue is timing. When should we target landing? Randell and EKR will coordinate and bring in others as needed. Randell is hoping to post to dev.planning and later today/tonight.
    • ekr looking at it

5) W3C telco call today at 1pm Pacific. Anything we need to coordinate on? Purpose is to try to move some decisions forward (especially on spec decisions that are holding up implementation). The current list of open spec issues is here:

  • The big issue is the MS proposal and how it would affect implementation plans. Martin doesn't have slides. EKR and Maire don't see Matthew's current proposal as a compromise. EKR would prefer to just take an entire session to discuss the MS proposal and come to a decision, instead of a hard 25 mins. Maire agrees. EKR, Maire, and Randell will be on the telco call.

6) Testing issues/questions (whatever didn't get resolved in the 8:30am meeting this week)

  • Prior to this call starting and after it ended, we did triage for gUM and our first triage for WebRTC. We got through all the bugs (which was quite an accomplishment!)
  • Maire will go in and organize the WebRTC bugs and make sure all the dependencies are recorded and correct.

Note - For reading &notes, was not read aloud or discussed:

  • The Android bug for gUM is fixed and made the Firefox 17 uplift. We turned Android gUM on by default as part of the fix.
  • Took a look at the Android gUM fix - looked alright, might grab a couple of other devices to ensure it's fixed
  • Desktop had one regression - cannot stop a mediastream from gUM, which prevents video generated from the stream ever being stopped
  • Mostly on vacation over the past week, so not a lot of test activity on gUM
  • Need to do some broader digging into understanding the full WebRTC stack to get testing ready for the broader scale

7) Discuss any current blockers for people or new items that haven't been discussed

  • None mentioned.