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From Tuesday October 28th to Thursday October 30th 2008, the entire Mozilla Foundation team will be meeting in and around the Mozilla Mountain View offices.

Over these three days, we'll be focused on three major things:

  • refining our vision for the Mozilla Foundation specifically
  • developing a plan, goals and a budget for 2009
  • personal development and team building

This meeting is part of an ongoing process to improve the Foundation. It builds on many other meetings and discussions, and provides the first opportunity for the entire team (with Mark Surman in the Executive Director's position) to work together in person on the key issues that the Foundation faces.

For the most part, these meetings are going to be just between the Foundation staff members. However, we'll also be working with, meeting and discussing with our Mozilla peers and a few others who have have helped guide the Foundation in the past.

We'll write a report on the meeting that is for public consumption and will follow up with public discussions to engage the broad Mozilla ecosystem (at least through the 2010 goals process.)

For information on other upcoming Mozilla Foundation meetings, visit Meeting/Foundation and subscribe to the Mozilla Foundation public calendar Atom | HTML | iCal