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Microformats are HTML conventions that express people, events, reviews, recipes, datestamped content, and other structured data in web pages in a way that makes them easily usable by search engines, web crawlers, and browsers. Web browsers in particular are able to associate the data with particular actions.



  • adr - for structured addresses
  • geo - for latitude/longitude geolocations
  • hAtom - for blog posts, status updates, and any kind of datestamped content
  • hCard - for people and organizations
  • hCalendar - for events
  • hReview - reviews of places, people, events, products, etc.
  • and for more.

Most recently, microformats support is being developed in FirefoxOS (Gaia/System/Microformats) to help users by automatically detecting venues, people, contacts, events, locations and integrating with built-in contacts, calendar, and mapping user interfaces.



For background information on microformat detection, please see this series of blog posts by Alex Faaborg:

User Experience

  • Brainstorming page about the user experience of microformat detection, please feel free to contribute any design work, or to comment on these conceptual mockups.
  • Information about about the user interface of microformat detection can also be found on the wiki

Firefox 3


Michael Kaply is working on the microformats implementation in Firefox 3. There is some overlap with the content handling work being done by Dan Mosedal, and Alex Faaborg is working on the user interface.


See: Gaia/System/Microformats