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Status and Team


Phase 0 - Backfill bugs

B2G Backfill bugs are intended to add simple, quick, obvious functionality we had to drop for v1. For Gaia microformats support this means the following very simple and useful features:

  • Call phone numbers - recognize phone numbers on web pages - provide user interface to call
    • handle "tel:" links
    • handle hCard "tel", "p-tel", "u-tel" properties
    • conservative regex for plain text phone numbers
  • Map addresses - recognize addresses on web pages - provider user interface to view on map
    • handle "geo:" links
    • handle hCard "adr", "p-adr", "h-adr", "geo", "p-geo", "h-geo" properties

Phase 1 - add contacts and events


Phase 2 - platform support for other apps


Design Specs


  • ...

Visual Design

  • ...

Development Components

Update Platform microformats support

Existing Gecko microformats support includes decent (but a bit out of date) hCard and hCalendar parsing support among others.

These are tasks to bring Gecko's microformats parsing (microformats.js) up to date.

Each of these should be fixed by creating a bug (if there isn't one already) for the desired improvement, and then attaching a patch for microformats.js to the bug. Ideally we should get help reviewing and landing these patches in (in priority order) :

bug fixes

  • triage existing bugs, then list / direct link to "must fix" bugs here

parser improvements

Implement User Interactions

The following front end development tasks need to be completed to implement the user-facing microformats features/functionality.


See design spec for how the browser should visually indicate the presence of microformats for interaction (e.g. "highlight the text contained by the microformat").


See design spec for what user action should activate a microformat on a page (e.g. make it tappable and/or long press activatable).


Each microformat has at least a primary action and possible additional actions depending on what's in the microformat.

  • hCard & h-card: Add to Contacts App
    • if there's a tel: Call (tel#) (primary - it's a phone!)
    • if there's an impp: IM (im address)
    • if there's an email: Email (email address)
    • any presence of nested geo/adr handled by below
  • hCalendar & h-event: Add to Calendar App
  • adr & h-adr: View in Map App (use name of hCard or hCalendar event if contained therein)
  • geo & h-geo: View in Map App (use name of hCard or hCalendar event if contained therein)
  • hAtom & h-entry: View in Reader App


Prior Art

See Also