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Examples of sites that provide Microsummaries:

the daily item for sale, its cost, and its stock status
Asa Dotzler's blog 
the latest story
the latest story
The Assassins 
the latest story
Quick Online Tips 
the latest tip
The Register 
the latest story
Threadless coupons 
the most recent coupon code
Markdown Monkey 
the latest deal
the latest story
the latest blog post
కూడలి — తెలుగు బ్లాగుల సమాహారం 
the latest Telugu-language blog post
the latest article on the home page, the number of comments on article pages, and the last article with unread comments on the Management page for registered users (more info)
dasBlog blogs like Scott Hanselman's 
the latest blog post (more info)
West Midland Bird Club 
date of latest story
Nogz Blogz 
the latest blog post more info
the latest blog post
My-Warehouse Shopsystem 
Shopsystem with integrated microsummaries on all sites in different modes. Example: Klumpp EDV Shop für Computerzubehör
latest added item
curent top track