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Reporter User:Mmkmou
Date December 2011
Recruits 0
Past Items During December month, we have done 1 events and we were present at several events in Senegal

the event we are done is : "Happy new year event", a event we have donne before the end of the years. During the event me and petiy (anoter reps in senegal) have try to explain What New in Firefox 9 - What's coming in Firefox 10 - film screening : Code rush the talks we have do is during :

 - the Cesag webcorner where i talk about Mozilla Mission and how a no geek can get involved to mozilla. 
 - The BarcampGoree when i talk about Mozilla Mission et do a Demo of Fennec 

Also, during this month we are a lot of work on mozilla senegal community site and now we have something at

Next Items Some upcoming event :
- Meetup Gtug/ mozilla 
- Continue to build the web site 
- Make some drupal add-ons for the web site