Mmkmou report July 2011

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Reporter User:Mmkmou
Date July 2011
Recruits 0
Past Items During the month of July 2011,I'll talk about Mozilla on FOSS local community event.
    Dakarlug: Free Design
    Dakarlug: Coding Party
    SenegalSchool: Networking Day
    Computer Club ESTM

Who can see more detail here -->

Next Items August 2001 : Mozilla Senegal Meetup Ramadan

Event: Attended Dakarlug: Free Design as Participant

Event: Attended Dakarlug: Coding Party as Participant

Event: Attended SenegalSchool: Networking Day as Mozilla Presence Organizer

Event: Attended Computer Club ESTM as Mozilla Presence Organizer

Link: Juillet 2011 : Activités ReMo Au Sénégal