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User Interface Considerations

presentation published here

  • UI is very different. Read about the mobile UI guidelines.
    • You will not be able to assume the desktop XUL overlays will "just work".
    • Dialogs and Preferences are handled very differently.
    • Screen size becomes very important and a limiting factor. Work on your layout.
    • Maintaining "touch-friendly" widgets is critical.
    • Simplify everything.
  • Guidelines
    • Minimize your UI
    • Delay initialization
    • Blend into the application
    • Support touch and panning
    • Support portrait and landscape
    • Read the best practices document for more pointers.

Common How-tos

presentation published here

  • Different XUL structure
    • No TabBrowser
    • No main menu - Site Menu provides some space for commands
    • Context Menu uses an extensible, but restrictive design
  • Multi-process
    • No direct DOM access
    • No DOM event bubbling
    • Move DOM sensitive into frame scripts
    • Learn how to use IPC messaging