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  • To make Fennec more compatible with different kinds of displays (wide/narrow), device orientation (landscape/portrait) and text input methods (hardware/on-screen), which are characteristics of mobile devices.
  • To combine web address editing and web search features so that the functions and features known from desktop Firefox would be available also for mobile: both features could support suggestions and therefore reduce typing effort for getting the desired result.

Current Status

We are waiting for information from the Desktop UX team to not differ too much from 3.7 / 4.0

Next Steps

  • Make a prototype(vingtetun)

Related Bugs

bug 1234567


  • Design: madhava
  • Developer: vingtetun


Option A

Option B

Goals/Use Cases

  • More "mobile device" friendly UI
  • Support "suggestions" from search engines

Non Goals

  • A full UI to manage search engines