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Overall Project Health


  • 100% of Release 53 commitment completed.
  • 14 MVP bugs are planned, 100% completion rate Targeting Firefox53.
  • QA has checked 100% of all bugs, bringing 16 more bugs for further clarification and follow-up.
  • In total, we have 29 bugs for tracking, 24 out of these 29 bugs are resolved, representing a 83% completion rate.

Target Milestone


Program MANA status Update

Engineer Owner

Max Liu [:maliu]

QA Contact

Ioana Chiorean <>
Sorina Florean [:sorina] <>

Tracking Details and Bug Work

Meta bug

  • bug 1319302 -[Fennec] Turn RTL support on and fix a few oustanding issues for Android >= 4.2
Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Resolution Assigned to Last change time
924699 P1 RTL support for Top Sites VERIFIED FIXED 2017-01-19T05:21:48Z
924700 -- RTL support for Top Sites Grid View VERIFIED FIXED 2017-01-19T05:21:48Z
925108 P1 RTL support for tab tray VERIFIED FIXED 2020-02-06T05:28:17Z
927667 P2 Search Suggestions RTL Support VERIFIED FIXED Max Liu [:maliu] 2017-01-19T05:21:48Z
928663 P1 RTL Support for Menu/Settings VERIFIED FIXED 2017-01-23T16:03:23Z
928688 P2 RTL support for URL toolbar VERIFIED FIXED 2020-02-06T05:28:10Z
935388 P1 RTL support for history page VERIFIED FIXED Lauren 2017-01-19T05:21:48Z
1029646 P4 RTL locale support in locale picker RESOLVED FIXED Max Liu [:maliu] 2017-01-19T05:21:48Z
1029649 P2 [meta] Locale switching functionality for RTL VERIFIED FIXED Nobody; OK to take it and work on it 2020-02-06T05:28:12Z
1070846 P1 History: titles in RTL are invisible when they can't fit the screen VERIFIED FIXED 2017-01-19T05:21:48Z
1298379 P4 RTL toast notifications VERIFIED FIXED 2020-02-06T05:28:08Z
1298385 -- Add RTL alignment to text in the Private Tab welcome page on Android VERIFIED FIXED Tomer Cohen :tomer 2017-01-19T05:21:48Z
1298904 P5 [RTL] Change the Search field and "Add" button locations in about:config VERIFIED FIXED Tomer Cohen :tomer 2017-01-30T13:47:59Z
1298913 P5 [RTL] RTL the preferences in about:config RESOLVED FIXED Tomer Cohen :tomer 2017-01-25T12:54:41Z
1321633 P5 [RTL] Long history item's titles & URLs are being faded out from the wrong side VERIFIED FIXED Max Liu [:maliu] 2017-01-19T11:28:35Z
1321635 P5 [RTL] [History page] Strings indicating the time history items were created are LTR VERIFIED FIXED Max Liu [:maliu] 2020-02-06T05:28:05Z
1321981 P2 [RTL] Swiping gesture between Top Sites, Bookmarks and History in a New Tab is reversed RESOLVED FIXED Max Liu [:maliu] 2017-03-28T04:17:49Z
1322119 P3 RTL support for progress bar VERIFIED FIXED Max Liu [:maliu] 2017-01-18T16:27:44Z
1322144 P5 [RTL] Lock & magnifier glass icons shown incorrectly under some circumstances VERIFIED FIXED 2017-10-02T19:03:22Z
1323763 -- [RTL] The back arrow is pointing left instead of right RESOLVED FIXED Max Liu [:maliu] 2017-01-23T16:03:54Z
1323765 -- [RTL] The back, forward, share and refresh buttons are mirrored VERIFIED FIXED 2017-08-02T08:35:00Z
1326291 -- [RTL] Align the domain name in the site info panel to the right RESOLVED FIXED Max Liu [:maliu] 2017-02-07T18:07:12Z
1331947 -- [RTL] Some pages are misaligned in Top Sites Grid RESOLVED WORKSFORME 2017-03-20T02:31:16Z
1331989 -- [RTL] Reader Mode Settings not mirrored NEW 2017-01-19T17:24:59Z
1331995 -- [RTL] On some occasions, the URL on the URL bar disappears VERIFIED FIXED Max Liu [:maliu] 2017-05-03T12:18:05Z
1332258 -- [RTL] Faded text sometimes becomes blank after scrolling RESOLVED FIXED Max Liu [:maliu] 2017-01-22T06:08:59Z
1333089 -- RTL - The back arrow is pointing left instead of right on Android VERIFIED FIXED Max Liu [:maliu] 2017-02-14T09:26:05Z
1337425 P2 [RTL] Highlights introduction in Activity Stream lacks RTL RESOLVED DUPLICATE 2017-08-31T22:27:03Z
1337440 -- [RTL] Top Sites pager indicator in the Activity Stream should start from the right VERIFIED FIXED Max Liu [:maliu] 2017-07-26T20:15:14Z
1338231 -- [RTL] FadedSingleColorTextView isn't fading RTL text NEW 2017-08-24T22:04:06Z
1340973 -- Developer's note for RTL Support RESOLVED INCOMPLETE 2018-02-06T01:43:49Z
1347476 -- [RTL] LTR closing thumbnails action present on RTL too VERIFIED FIXED Max Liu [:maliu] 2017-05-30T11:01:48Z
1351439 P5 [RTL] Textbox autocomplete suggestions stuck on the right side of the screen instead of following the textbox NEW 2018-07-26T23:13:13Z

33 Total; 3 Open (9.09%); 9 Resolved (27.27%); 21 Verified (63.64%);

UX Spec Reference

Test Report and Test Plan