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Sprint Duration

W42.1 (Oct. 16) ~ W43.7 (Oct. 29), 2 weeks in total.

Sprint Goal

  • Secure 57 Beta in case of regression, if any
  • Keep working on PWA main flow
  • Keep working on Gradle build migration

Sprint Outcome

  • 100% MVP (Must have) completion = 5/5 bugs completed.
  • 1 Backlog (Would have) completed.
  • 11 Interruption (Unplanned) completed.


Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution Assigned to Depends on Blocks Whiteboard
1331290 Refactor the code about closing all opening tabs RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] 1406671 [FNC][SPT58.3][INT]
1379115 Show a badge (in the position of a page action) when a website is installable as a PWA RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1212648 [FNC][SPT58.3][MVP][pwa-front-end]
1395839 Disable PWA in private browsing (while keeping page shortcut) RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1212648 [FNC][SPT58.3][MVP][pwa-front-end]
1395841 implement change for separating “add to home screen” & “add page shortcut” VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] 1212648 [FNC][SPT58.3][MVP][pwa-front-end]
1396714 Remove for Gecko Pref for Leanplum RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.3][INT]
1398362 (Photon) Image/logo size in onboarding screen is incorrect on API 16 & 17 VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.3][INT]
1405236 Custom Tabs Switch under Settings -> General VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.3][INT]
1405853 About screen still shows old Firefox logo VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.3][INT]
1407961 PWA Badge and Onboarding - Show home after creating PWA shortcut when API >26 VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] 1212648 [FNC][SPT58.3][INT][pwa-front-end]
1409191 The "Add to home screen" prompt doesn't appear to use manifest values VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] 1212648 [FNC][SPT58.3][MVP][pwa-front-end]
1409261 PWA Badge and Onboarding - Add localization comments for pwa_add_to_launcher_badge RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.3][INT][pwa-front-end]
1409268 PWA Badge and Onboarding - Add telemetry RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.3][INT][pwa-front-end]
1409279 Reimplement custom tabs telemetry from 55 to 57 RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.3][INT]
1409296 Support minimal context menu functionality in GeckoView-based PWA VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.3][INT][pwa-front-end]
1409303 Enable PWA by default VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.3][BL][pwa-front-end]
1409403 Update badge icon for PWA VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT58.3][MVP][pwa-front-end]
1410338 [Photon] Incorrect color for History Panel message VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] 1355774 [FNC][SPT58.3][INT]

17 Total; 0 Open (0%); 7 Resolved (41.18%); 10 Verified (58.82%);