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Sprint Duration

W48.1 (Nov. 27) ~ W49.7 (Dec. 10), 2 weeks in total.

Sprint Goal

  • Beta 58 feature improvement (PWA)
  • Enable Leanplum banner feature for Marketing’s onboarding test
  • UI testing automation (integrate Espresso)

Sprint Outcome

  • 100% MVP (Must have) completion = 4/4 bugs completed.
  • 0 Backlog (Would have) completed.
  • 4 Interruption (Unplanned) completed.


Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution Assigned to Depends on Blocks Whiteboard
1403566 Web Apps - Login auto-complete isn't working, with multiple logins saved RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] 1212648, 1367077 [pwa-front-end][FNC][SPT59.2][INT]
1406011 include "whether Firefox is default browser" as part of core ping RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT59.2][MVP]
1419245 A2HS badge is shown on site with broken HTTPS VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] 1212648 [pwa-front-end][FNC][SPT59.2][MVP]
1420055 [Leanplum] Drop an event when user finish first run on-boarding. RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT59.2][MVP]
1420886 Signature of tracker "DoubleClick" detected in Fennec APKs (per RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] 1444618 [FNC][SPT59.2][INT]
1421149 [PWA] Icons in the "Add to Home screen" overlay should not have outline & dropshadow RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] 1212648 [pwa-front-end][FNC][SPT59.2][MVP]
1421916 Refine/update PWA action icon RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT59.2][INT]
1421946 Make Switchboard accept duplicated experiment names RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen [:nechen] [FNC][SPT59.2][INT]

8 Total; 0 Open (0%); 7 Resolved (87.5%); 1 Verified (12.5%);