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Project Overview

Our goal in developing Firefox for iOS is to reach users who have chosen iOS as their mobile platform of choice. We will provide a browsing experience that leverages connected Firefox features in order to delight existing and new users.

We will follow a phased approach in deploying features and functionality to the product, all of which have dependencies on other groups for implementation including Firefox Accounts, Firefox Cloud Services, Firefox Desktop and Firefox for Android.

We are still developing, experimenting and iterating on the designs and implementation, so bear with us and ask questions.

Product Definition

The product will be split into phases. Initially, the product experience will be focused on leveraging the utility of a user's existing Firefox data as it pertains to the current Sync implementation, with the ability to view that data within the iOS WebView framework. The user will then be able to complete further simple browsing activities, all within the Firefox context.

Although initially the browser will include the fundamentals for Firefox browsing based on WKWebView made available in iOS 8, the browser will become more full featured over the next several roadmapped major releases. The goal for the first release is to ensure that users can browse the data they share across their Firefox browsers, as well as manage simple browsing tasks.

Supported Devices

Firefox for iOS is developed for iOS devices compatible with iOS 8. For a list of compatible devices, refer to the Apple Webpage.

Product Phases

Go to this wiki page for a view of how the product will evolve, including which browser features and functionality are being worked on to support our v1 launch.

Key Feature Descriptions

Go to this wiki page for descriptions for key features.

Browser Evolution

A balance needs to be struck in order to provide a mobile Firefox experience in line with basic expectations for our initial target audience, along with time-to-market needs. Parity with the current Firefox for Android will not be possible with the first launch of the iOS version, but it must still feel like a Firefox experience.

Pre-Release Test Program

We are currently working out the logistics to support a pre-release test program within the Apple framework (deployment and support works differently then how we deploy beta in Google Play for Android, so bear with us).

If you are a Mozilla employee, feel free to fill out this participant survey in order to log your interest. Those who don't have Mozilla credentials, you will need to wait for the next phase of the program for your chance to help test the client. Note - we sent out a public link to start creating a list of external, interested participants. Demand was very large, so the survey was live for a short period of time. There may be an additional survey to log interest in the program, but we are sifting through the (wonderful) overwhelming demand! We have a limited set of test spaces due to Apple guidelines for testing pre-release apps, so our hands are tied regarding the limited external pre-release testing we can provide.

For our current testers, here's a page detailing information about the previous builds, corresponding surveys and what areas to focus your testing on for the current build!

Points of Contact

A non-exhaustive list - just the main points of contact who can point you to the right direction if needed!

  • Product lead: Karen Rudnitski
  • Front-End Engineering lead: Mark Finkle
  • UX lead: Darrin Henein
  • QA lead: Aaron Train
  • Program Management: Jenn Chaulk