Mobile/Firefox for iOS/Status Report/18-Mar-2015

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Hot Topics & Risk Areas

  • Scope reduction exercise for V1.0 has been completed
    • The results of this exercise can be seen on the Trello board (link at the bottom of this report), and are reflected in this week's charts.
    • Deferred features have been moved to a V1.1 list on the board
    • Items in the Parking Lot/At Risk list are NOT deferred.
      • Clear Private Data & Managing Bookmarks Locally (Delete) are being decomposed, and will be partially completed for V1.0.
      • Offline Reading & Send Tab To will be completed IF time allows, but are not to be prioritized above other confirmed features.
  • L10N Status continues to be at risk:
    • Translation is currently ongoing in iterative fashion. Status can be seen on the dashboard. 26 Locales have opted-in so far.
    • A final string freeze has been a point of ongoing discussion. A tentative target has been set as May 1st, but as noted above, at risk features for V1.0 will continue to be added late in the game to try and release an as fully-featured product as possible.
    • German translation is up to date with currently available strings, but we do not have firm commitment for translation of remaining content.
  • Build System Challenges - we cannot afford loss of time needed for actual coding of features

Current Status of Development

Status of Notable Schedule Milestones

  • New/tentative target string freeze - May 1st
  • Target for submission to store - May 5th

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