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jhugman - APK installs of hosted or packaged - robust in face of kills - webapp installs (gecko registry) - (webapp install different than the apk install step) - supports first run if webapp intall didn't happen at APK install time clouserw - wiki page updated - "how does factory know when to sign with a debug cert?" myk - client could have a flag and point fennec at a different apk-factory-service clouserw - opt in, easy to make a mistake. Shouldn't this be fore developers too? myk - yes, while app under review... can apk factory get a public url to app manifest and package? If it can... then a developer can use alternate APK factory and generate debug clouserw - this is before review, wanna see what it looks like on Android myk - we want to do that in the app manager, generate on client. Fallback would be tools for developer, some manual steps for an MVP myk - we need to explore this more, could involve APK Factory... not sure clouserw - I'll adjust the wiki to say 'have to factories, debug and prod certs'. Security team likes this the best ozten: Wrote Found some good bugs Started working on a module for resizing/re-encoding icons to png please review myk Patch review in Bugzilla Get into nightly hopefully tommorrow jhugman - what does preffing off mean? myk - compile time flag you created, setting it to disable this feature. seperate step to enable this. nightly users to give feedback. Need an APK Factory up for people to use jhugman - this will break apps on Android myk - that complicates matters, yes. Hmm, will take longer to check in or re-introduce fallback to Apps code